Welcome to the Biosignal Lab!

The Biomedical Signal Processing and Analysis Laboratory (Biosignal Lab), one of the five groups of Medical Physics Department at the School of Medicine from the University of Patras, is headed by Prof. A. Bezerianos. The group is engaged in research and teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and participates in national, European Union and international research and development projects.

In recent years the Biosignal Lab is involved in the investigation of the emerging nonlinear dynamics in the fields of neuroengineering, neuroinformatics and neuroscience by novel methods and models, such as the application of the wavelet transform, synchronization and information theory in the study of the complexity of human brain phenomena.

Biosignal Lab is in essence a software engineering (Neurosoft) lab, specialized in advanced signal processing and analysis methods and techniques. It generates not only the mathematical ideas and formalisms of novel signal processing methodologies but is also specialized in the application of these solutions, formulations, algorithms and techniques in the analysis of 1D (i.e. neuroelectric brain signals, i.e. EEG, cardiomyoelectric signals, i.e.ECG, etc.) and 2D (i.e. medical imaging, microarray genomic and proteomic signals, etc) and multiD (multivariate data analysis, high dimensional biomedical imaging, etc) biosignals for the purpose of developing new biomedical technologies employed in the clinical diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis, intervention and applied therapeutics of human patients.

Our human resources (HR) network consists of a wide spectrum of professionals, including engineers, physicists, mathematicians, programmers with special training in biosignal processing and biomedical engineering as well as biologists, life scientists and medical doctors with clinical experience and knowledge of biomedical engineering who understand the deeper practical needs, the advantages and limitations of the new technologies, and guide the clinical development of our applications.