Second Announcement

Last Updated: 11.04.2012

Dear colleagues,

With this letter I would wish to inform you about the latest news regarding the organization of the 6th International Summer School on Emerging Technologies in Biomedicine. As you know this year's special topic is “Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Approaches for the Analysis of Complex Biological Networks” (, organized in collaboration with the European COST Action SYSGENET (BM0901). Our event will host internationally renowned lecturers who are successful in their field and have outstanding achievements in research and education.

The latest news are:

  • The University of Patras  and the Inter-University Network MABIPHYS are technically and financially sponsoring the Summer School.
  • Application has been submitted so that IEEE EMBS will technically sponsor the Summer School.
  • The early registration and grant application period has opened.  COST Action SYSGENET (BM 0901) will provide several travel grants to selected foreign students, reimbursed soon after the closure of Summer School and after confirmed attending. Respectively, the University of Patras and MABIPHYS will reimburse selected Greek students. (Graduate students in MS level and undergraduate students will be prioritized)
  • The online registration period will be kept open until June 20th , then only in situ registration will be possible.
  • Because the conference room has limited capacity the organizers will keep the right to stop registrations any time the maximum number will be reached.
  • The Invited Speakers List has been finalized.

The lectures will be thematically organized and opportunities to meet and discuss with the speakers are scheduled. After following the cycle of lectures in this conference, the participants will have acquired new knowledge and a clear image concerning the advances in the fields discussed, and particularly young students will have a clearer idea on their future education and research activities.

I am looking forward to welcome you in Patras.

Warm regards,

A. Bezerianos, Chairman

Patras, April 2nd , 2012