Welcome to the Biosignal Lab!

The Biomedical Signal Processing and Analysis Laboratory (Biosignal Lab), one of the five groups of Medical Physics Department at the School of Medicine from the UniversityRead more

Complex Networks Modeling of Brain Multiscale-Multimodal Connectivity

Special Issue – Call for Papers Modern neuroscience intends to understand brain complexity by considering large-scale neuronal networks and analyzing their structure and their functionalRead more

Systems Biology

Systems Biology aims to model the interactions among molecules in the cell and provide explanation of mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of a disease. In recentRead more

Brain Machine Interface

Brain-machine interface (BMI) systems allow communication without movement. For example, many people with “locked-in syndrome” cannot exercise command and control in any way. This canRead more

Brain Connectivity

Brain connectivity refers to the description of how brain areas interact, encompassing different and interrelated aspects such as anatomical links (structural connectivity), statistical dependencies (functionalRead more


With the advent of microarrays, it is possible to obtain large amounts of gene expression data – which provide a picture of the transcriptional activityRead more